Ready For Consistent Clients?

Let's Go!

You're a Wellness Professional who really knows your stuff! You're passionate, obsessed with health, and are ready with open arms for new clients! do you do that?

I've been there - more than once. It can be hard to know exactly where to start and once you get started, how to make your business profitable.

If you're anything like me, you're probably wondering: 

  • Where do I find clients?

  • How can I keep getting clients?

  • How much do I charge them?

  • What if they don't think I'm worth that much?

  • Should I create an online course or just stick to 1:1 coaching?

  • How do I create an online course that people will buy?

  • How do I stand out against the competition?

  • Do I need a website? Can I create my own?

  • Do I need a blog?

  • How can I use social media to actually grow my business? 

Don't worry! I got you!
It really is so much more painless than you think.


Krista Limon

Hey! I'm Krista Limon, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Owner of Wellness Virtual Assisting. 


Not only did I run my own Nutrition Business, Early Roots Nutrition, but I've also helped close to 100 Wellness Entrepreneurs build theirs! I'm all about simplicity and bringing YOU into your business! As soon as others heard that not only was I landing consistent clients but that I had a waitlist, they started asking me for help. I started Wellness Virtual Assisting and Coaching to help other Wellness Professionals who have that same need to help others as I have, but just don't know how to get out there! 

Learn what YOU need to...

  • Attract and BOOK the right clients who not only pay you, but LOVE working with you!

  • Attract and book the right clients consistently!

  • Become THE expert in your field

  • Feel confident, happy and totally at home during sales calls, live calls, and even speaking events!

  • Create an incredible brand that speaks to you and your ideal client  

  • Make money by doing all of the above!

I'm here to help you every. step. of the way.

Despite what a LOT of coaches, gurus and experts will tell you - there is NO one size fits all way of launching a wellness business. 

Yes, there are systems and steps that need to be taken across the board in order to succeed, but the way to get there is completely dependent on: 

  • Your ultimate goals

  • Your mindset

  • Your personality and working style

  • Your ideal clients

  • Your preferred teaching method

Welcome To Wellness Virtual Coaching


You don't have to do this alone and you don't need to do all of the things the 100's of freebies that you've signed up for are telling you to do.

I'll walk beside you, every step of the way, to help you take proven action and get your dream business running and thriving!

Whether you’re focused on nutrition, fitness, life coaching, sleep coaching, body positivity, sell health products or lifestyle, this system WILL work for you. 

Our Coaching Includes

  • Your ultimate goals

  • Your mindset

  • Your personality and working style

  • Your ideal clients

  • Your preferred teaching method

  • Your ideal clients

  • Your preferred teaching method

  • Your preferred teaching method