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You do the Healing. We'll do the Rest.

Hey! I'm Krista and welcome

 to Wellness Virtual Assisting! 

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who ran my own successful online business, Early Roots Nutrition, I'm able to help you in every aspect of your business. A common question in the online business world is "what is your WHY?" What is it that drives you and keeps you motivated when things get tough? I have always had this intense desire to help and give everything I can to those who are not as blessed as we are and who are struggling in any way. 

This is why I became a Nutritionist in the first place and I believe there's a very, very good chance that your desire to help others and make their lives better is what called you into your profession as well. As a wellness professional myself - I get it. 

If I truly want to make an impact I need to help YOU.


You want to reach and help as many people as possible and you can't do that on your own. My team and I are here to take some things off your plate and help you grow your business so that you can focus on what you were meant to do.  When you work with us, you aren't just working with a team who really knows their stuff (we do!) but you're also working with people who truly care about your mission and want you to make the biggest impact possible. we can help you do that. 

You focus on healing. We'll do the rest. 



The behind the scenes aspects of your business can take up the majority of your time. As a wellness professional you need to be giving your all to your clients and programs, not worrying about the back-end details. 

Services Include (but are not limited to): 
- Client Management 
- Admin Work on your Facebook Group and Memberships
- Managing Payments/Failed Payments
- Bookkeeping 
- Customer Service 
- Website Updates

- Research




Social media is where your clients are hanging out! Using good social media marketing strategies can get you seen and bring in consistent leads. 

Services Include: 
- Platform Optimization
- Hashtag Research
- Content Creation
- Scheduling 
- Engagement 



Your brand is more than just a logo and a brand board with color codes and fonts! Digging into your ideal clients needs and pain points and understanding how, where and when you need to speak to them is KEY to exploding your business. 

Services Include: 
- Branding Audit
- Copywriting
- Ghostwriting (blog posts, etc.)
- Brand Board Creation
- Client Research
- Customized Marketing Plan
- PR Outreach




Do you have a book sitting in your brain that you would LOVE to get out to the world? Maybe it's a recipe book, a self-help book

or even a guided journal? With our help, self-publishing on Amazon can make that a reality for you.

Services Include: 
- Cover Design
- Interior Design
- Formatting
- Submitting to Amazon
- Keyword Optimization
- Marketing


A gorgeous, professional website geared toward your ideal client is exactly what you need to stand out in this industry!

Services Include: 
- Website Design and Updates on Wix, Squarespace or Wordpress
- Plugins
- SEO Optimization 




Writing a food based blog, need some delicous stock photos or writing a recipe book and need some professional photos taken
of your own recipes? We got you. 

Services Include: 
- Customized Photos Specifically Catered to What YOU Need
- High-Resolution Edited Digital Copies



You know you need to collect potential clients or customers and get them into a funnel system so you can sell them your products and services, but HOW exactly do you do this? Where do you start? Let us set that up for you!

Services Include (but are not limited to): 
- Landing Page Design
- Landing Page Copy
- Sign-up Form Creation
- Email System and Automation Set-up
- Opt-In Creation
- Integration Set-up
- Follow-ups



As a Nutritionist - I've done my fair share of meal planning for clients and online programs. I know it can be extremely time-consuming! I know how to create meal plans for specific needs and can take this off your plate!


Services Include: 
- Client Menu Needs Analysis
- Meal Plan Creation (typically using That Clean Life) Based on Nutritional Needs and Preferences




Podcasts are all the rage these days, and with good reason! They're an incredible way to cement yourself as THE expert in your field! YouTube is also a fantastic resource for getting yourself seen and making some extra income. 

Services Include:
- YouTube Channel Audit
- Audio and Video Editing
- Transcribing 
- Uploading
- SEO Optimization
- Show Notes
- Marketing



Need a logo, some social media graphics or any other design project under the sun? We're here!

Services Include (but are not limited to):
- Logo Design
- Instagram Images
- Cover Photos
- Promotional Graphics
- Business Cards

Wellness Virtual Assisting

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