How I Increased My Traffic By Over 500% Using Pinterest

If you’re a wellness professional of any kind, with any type of online offering, and you aren’t using Pinterest for your business, I just have one question - is it a nice rock that you’ve been living under? Is it cozy?

As a Nutritionist, I knew my target demographic hung out in three main places - Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This could be different depending on your ideal client, but for me, who focused on women, this is exactly where they were.

I was gaining great, consistent leads from Facebook and Instagram - but that was because I was interacting with their platforms on a daily basis. I had to schedule posts, interact with my groups, create beautiful photos, do live videos and run ads.

While I could see it all working, it truly felt never-ending at times. I realized that through all the hustle and bustle of daily Facebook and Instagram, I had been neglecting poor (not so) little Pinterest. I decided to dive in head first and really give Pinterest a go. I put a majority of my focus on Pinterest for an entire month and watched as my numbers completely skyrocketed! I was getting anywhere from 10-20 leads a day, which was mind-blowing!

My website analytics at the end of the month showed that I had had almost 20k visitors to the blog posts that I had put up on Pinterest. The incredible part? I didn’t have to maintain my account. I wasn’t posting or interacting every single day like I had to do with Facebook and Instagram.

Let me tell you how I did it.

1. Write a blog post.

A post with an incredible, catchy, irresistible title that is exactly what your ideal client is looking for.

My most successful post was titled “why you aren’t losing weight while breastfeeding”. I had heard repeatedly from new moms that they were confused because they weren’t losing the baby weight despite constantly being told: “don’t worry, you’ll lose it all breastfeeding”.

What is your equivalent? What are you constantly being asked in your practice and can you write an article about it?

2. Master the pin.

Yes, amazing blog posts also do well on other platforms, but turning the catchy title into a gorgeous Pinterest pin is where the magic comes in. Not only did I make one eye-catching graphic, I created 4-5 different graphics for EACH post, with slightly different titles.

Different graphics and titles will catch different eyes and the more you have up, the more likely they are to be seen. It’s also very possible that the same person will end up clicking on the same post multiple times, which increases their chances of interacting with your site.

3. Use the Rich Pin feature on Pinterest.

If you have a recipe post then this is especially important. Rich pins are the ones that you see that have the ingredients listed right underneath the pin itself. It will automatically do this whether or not you pin it on Pinterest yourself or someone directly shares it from your blog.

This has a higher click rate because people are able to quickly scan the ingredient list to see whether or not they have the ingredients or if it’s too complicated before even having to go straight to the post.

An informational post can also be a rich pin. Instead of a recipe, it will include a portion of your post right under the graphic itself. This allows people to read a teaser before clicking on it to read more. If you have a shop, the Rich pin feature will even allow your audience to purchase your items right there on the Pinterest platform - which is extremely convenient!

4. Pinterest is a search engine.

It is much more search engine than it is social media. Using the right keywords in your description is going to make a HUGE impact on how often the pin is being found. There are websites that you can use to find the most popular searched keywords in a category.

For example, when I type in: “losing weight” I’m told that the top eight most popular searches are:

Basing your blog posts on the most often searched keywords is never a bad idea. Include these keywords in your pin description.

I had heard all kinds of strategies about contributing to group boards, following others and making your boards look amazing. While all of these things will certainly help, they aren’t completely necessary.

Using the four strategies I listed above will have you continually bringing in views and leads without all of the consistent work that comes with other platforms. Your pins are up there forever and are continually being searched.

This is easily something that a virtual assistant can do for you while you focus on content for the other platforms - it’s very low maintenance!

If you feel you need a little extra help with your Pinterest strategy or just don’t have time to add it on to your never-ending to-do list, you can book a free 30 minute call with me here to see how I can help you.

You can also check out my website at

Yours in Heath,

Krista Limon RHN, VA

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