Meet our amazing team!

The Team


Virtual Assisting

It started out with just Krista, but as her client base grew and she realized there were others who could do certain tasks so much better than she could, the team began to grow! 

Our ultimate goal is to be a one-stop shop for wellness entrepreneurs everywhere! 


Meet Our Team


Owner/Holistic Nutritionist 

Krista Limon

As an RHN who ran her own successful online practice, Early Roots Nutrition, Krista is incredibly versed in the online wellness space. As she was building Early Roots Nutrition, she realized how much she LOVED doing all of the technical back-end tasks and that her passion truly lied in helping others, help others. She started Wellness Virtual Assisting in August 2018 and hasn't looked back since!!


Marketing Director

Kelsey Williams

Kelsey is a CHNC and Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert. She has over 10 years experience with marketing, events, graphic design & project management. She loves to combine her passion of wellness and marketing by applying her nutrition knowledge to campaigns and projects. In her free time, she volunteers for Plastic-Free YYC as the Newsletter Coordinator and can provide you with all the stats on plastic waste in our environment.


Project Manager

Pam Hutnan

Pam has been the business manager and project managers for wellness professionals for over 5 years. Having worked with multiple gyms and the Alberta Nurses Assosication, she is ready to take on all your business needs!

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Virtual Assistant

Gemma Gormley

Gemma is one of our Virtual Assistants.  In 2000 she started her career as an administrator working for the NHS in London which sparked a future of her working in the health industry.  She has dedicated her career to keeping executives and business owners organized, prioritized and less stressed. 

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Virtual Assistant

Paige Lee

Paige is one of our Virtual Assistants.  In 2000 she started her career as an administrator working for the NHS in London which sparked a future of her working in the health industry.  She has dedicated her career to keeping executives and business owners organized, prioritized and less stressed. 


Social Media Manager

Sandee Booth

 Fina has been in the administration field for over 10 years. She is all about organization and finding new systems to make running a business easier and better. She got to see how stressful and sometimes difficult running a business can be when her parents owned a business and all she wanted to do is find ways to make it better. She is very passionate about helping others achieve their goals and be successful. 

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Social Media Manager

Naa Kwaley

A Digital Influencer and Social Media Enthusiast. She has a passion for branding, and loves helping her clients shine online. Her social media career started about a year ago when she started helping other bloggers build their brand. She shares a ton of business and branding tips online, and has often been referred to as a branding nerd. When Nkay is not glued to her laptop, you can find her on the beach writing for her blog or hanging out with friends. 

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Website Designer

Michelle Appiah

With a background in Marketing Management and Business Administration, website development is Michelle's passion! She uses her love for design and creativity to bring clients' visions to life. 
(she's also the incredible designer of THIS website you're looking at). If you want to revamp your website and branding, she's your girl!

Sean Strachan

SEO Specialist

Sean Strachan

Sean has spent the better part of 35 years holding various positions in administration and
marketing for organizations in the private and Public sectors. He graduated in Business
Administration and has had opportunities to apply his craft in this area. He takes his role as
researcher very seriously and only wants to provide the best information to our clients so they
can make educated decisions, especially when it makes sense.

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Frederic Limon

Co-owner/Audio & Video

Frederic is a video editor, YouTube strategist, and professional audio & music producer. His work has been featured in commercials, promo videos, music videos and podcasts. His Youtube clients range from beginners to channels with millions of monthly views. His strategies help them grow their viewership time and time again.


Kim Martin

Head of Project Management

Kim Martin is a natural jill-of-all-trades and acts as our project manager.
With over 20 years corporate experience she's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to systems and organization and is always on the search to find ways our team can work more efficiently.
Her nerdiest quality has got to be her love for software and all things Tech. What she doesn't know she'll work to figure out and is consistently researching and upgrading her software skills.


JoAnne Mazurat

Project Manager

Jo-Anne is a health coach and a writer at heart. Her organizational skills will blow you away!


Samantha Elizabeth

Project Manager

With over 5 years of experience in administration roles, Samantha decided in 2019 to take her experience and combine it with her dream of traveling the world. She is now living a laptop lifestyle of traveling around the globe and working from her laptop as she goes. Being overly organized and super resourceful is what has made her successful in her journey into the online world.

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Emily Cote

Social Media Manager/Virtual Assistant

Emily loves all things social media. She enjoys creating graphics and content for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and planning social media projects in the world of Wellness. She is always striving to expand her skill set and likes to teach herself new programs that she can use in the field. When she’s not working on her latest project, she can be found having fun with her family, reading, or spending time outdoors. 


Sarah Mitten

Graphic Designer

Sarah didn’t always see herself doing this as a career. In business school, she found herself taking on parts of group projects that required design work, which she had never done before, and grew to love it! Having always been an entrepreneur, it made sense to pair that with her passion for design. With her business background, Sarah now loves helping other entrepreneurs bring their businesses to life with exciting and beautiful designs! 


Rebekah Gibson


Rebekah has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. 
While she has her fair share of wedding and event photography gigs under her belt, her true passion is traveling the world and taking breathtaking images of the landscape, culture and yes, the food! 
Her eye for design and ability to capture the beauty of a potato is truly amazing.